Medical Water Cleaning System
Medical Water Cleaning System

* Technological Process

Water input---- 20µcoarse filter, activated carbon filter --- 5µ precision filter --- add pressure pump, RO device --- water storage tank ---pure water booster pump --- pipeline disinfection system --- terminal water construction equipment

* Features

Integrated design, with automatic pipeline disinfection 

- Pipeline disinfection system: Ozonization, ultraviolet radiation and chemical disinfection can ensure Supplying of high quality pure water.

- NSF certificated international standards parts

- Imported high quality filtration membrane, RO membrane

- Inteligent control, simple operation

- Long life of filter element

* Why we need a medical puriwater?

There will be living things in the water, and these living things often go unnoticed in the form of microorganisms and biofilms. For the proprietors of dental practices, the potential hazards that can be present in water pose a risk that must not be underestimated, because it is they who bear the responsibility for the quality of the drinking water in treatment units.

Keeping everything clean by RO&Pipeline disinfection system

Dynamic Dental's high-performance devices are able to rise to the challenge of legally compliant and straightforward water hygiene

Easy to use. Safe to handle, cost-effective and requires little maintenance. The uninterrupted reprocessing of the process water ensures that quality of drinking water is continuously available and no additional sterilisation is required.