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Dental Fog Mirrors with LED Light

Automatic Oral Defog Orthodontic Mirror


Effectively prevent mirror fog when there is human breathing.



1) The main unit and mirrors can be ordered separately according to your needs.

2) device only, not include teeth model


Main specifications


1) Battery: 3.7V/1000mAh

2) Weight: 520g

3) Input: 5V/1A


Main features:


1) four models of mirrors.

2) Quick and easy installation, simple operation.

3) Automatic defogging, wide viewing angle.

4) 12K*2B mirror surface, stainless steel mirrors can be autoclaved to prevent cross infection.

5) Operate in comfortable breezes, effectively prevent the mirror from fogging by human breathing.


Packing list (for full set):


1 * Main Unit

1 * L occlusal mirror

1 x M occlusal mirror

1 * mouth mirror

1 * Lingual mirror

1 * washcloth

1x adapter

1 * Manual

Dental Anti-fog Mirrors LED Light

98,00$ Prix original
73,50$Prix promotionnel
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